Why do some businesses own more than one domain name?

These are some reasons why businesses own more than a domain name.

1. To segment their branches of business

Google segments their branches in the following ways: Google.com points to their search engine, Adsense.com points to their PPC program and YouTube.com points to their video upload directory.

2. To maintain visitors lost through typo domain names

Google redirects typo traffic from Googl.com to Google.com.

Names For Marketing redirects typo traffic from NameForMarketing.com to NamesForMarketing.com.

3. To make their domain name conveniently short to type

Barnes & Noble’s regular domain name is barnesandnoble.com. They also own the BN.com which they use to direct to their main website.

Names For Marketing adopts a similar approach and owns NFMdn.com.

4. To use for marketing campaigns on billboards, classifieds and bulletins

5. To take advantage of generic keyword traffic

Barnes & Noble directs books.com to their main website.

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