Our Credentials

Why should I trust Names For Marketing?

Names For Marketing is a branch of Logish Empire. We are a registered business based in Singapore with this registration number: 53187695X.

Logish Empire and Names For Marketing was founded by Logen Lanka who has sold domain names since 2007. Our Ebay feedback has been impeccable at 100%. We are also Paypal Verified.


What is a domain name?

A domain name is the address to a website.  It replaces the unmemorable IP address (e.g. the computer where your website is stored at.

Can you imagine typing in a bunch of unique numbers just to visit Facebook, Google, Twitter and other websites?

Therefore, domain names exist to identify websites without the hassle of remembering IP addresses.

Why do some businesses own more than one domain name?

These are some reasons why businesses own more than a domain name.

1. To segment their branches of business

Google segments their branches in the following ways: Google.com points to their search engine, Adsense.com points to their PPC program and YouTube.com points to their video upload directory.

2. To maintain visitors lost through typo domain names

Google redirects typo traffic from Googl.com to Google.com.

Names For Marketing redirects typo traffic from NameForMarketing.com to NamesForMarketing.com.

3. To make their domain name conveniently short to type

Barnes & Noble’s regular domain name is barnesandnoble.com. They also own the BN.com which they use to direct to their main website.

Names For Marketing adopts a similar approach and owns NFMdn.com.

4. To use for marketing campaigns on billboards, classifieds and bulletins

5. To take advantage of generic keyword traffic

Barnes & Noble directs books.com to their main website.

Why should I invest in a quality domain name?

A domain name is just like a piece of real estate. The location of your business is very important. A good location can mean a steady flow of customers.

The same can be said of a domain name. A quality domain name can attract more potential clients because it is easy-to-remember, descriptive, short-to-type and generic. Search engines naturally place higher importance on such domain names.

Is a domain name also a website?

No, it is not. A domain name is just an address to the files that make up your website.

You will need a web host to store your website on the internet. Some examples of free hosts include Blogspot and WordPress. Paid options include iPage and JustHost.


I already have a website. Can I use a new domain name for it?

Absolutely! There are various options to redirect your new domain name to your website (or even to a specific page of your website).

You can point a domain name to your website by doing any one of the following:

  1. Changing the nameservers,
  2. Changing the CNAME/A records
  3. Forwarding the domain name
All of these methods are extremely simple and take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Domain Name Costs

What is the average price of a domain name?

Domain names cost anywhere from the domain registration fee to millions of dollars.

For a feel of prices in the domain name market, we have displayed the recent domain market study done by Sedo.com. It shows that recent domain names averaged at US$2,595 for .com and US$1,584 for .net.

Premium domain names are naturally sold a higher prices, as can be seen from DNJournal.

Source of domain name data:

http://sedo.com/fileadmin/documents/pressdownload/Q1_2011Market_Study.pdf (Sedo Market Study for 1st Quarter of 2011)

http://dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm (DNJournal documentation of recent top domain name sales)

How much should I offer for a domain name?

Make an offer that is within your budget and what you think the domain name is worth.

What the domain name is worth depends as the market value of each domain name differs widely. To have a rough gauge of the market price, compare the domain name you are interested in with a similar domain name that was sold in the past.

Visit these domain name sales databases: DNJournal, Namebio & DNSalePrice.


SadFilms.com is the domain name you are interested in acquiring. Similar domain names include: RebelFilms.com (US$3,188), DiamondFilms.com (US$2,000), EmoFilms.com (US$250).

As a general rule, shorter domain names and popular keyword domain names are worth more.

We are happy to receive any serious offers or inquiries on our domain names.

What are the total costs for acquiring a domain name?

The total costs of acquiring a domain name are: price of the domain name and (if applicable) transaction fees.

Transaction fees in the form of escrow are applicable only if the transaction is above US$5,000. There are no transaction fees when using Instant Buy. In fact, you can use coupon codes on Instant Buy to get discounts.

Are there any other costs after I acquire the domain name?

Yes. There is an annual renewal fee for every domain name in the world. This renewal fee (between US$7 and US$15) is paid to the domain name registrar for maintenance and provision of domain name services.

Names For Marketing does not receive renewal fees. To save on renewal fees, look for coupon codes for the registrar of your domain name.

Lease or Rent Domain Names

How can I lease/rent a domain name?

You can lease a domain name by filling up this form.

There are 3 lease duration options: 1 month, 6 months and 1 year. When we have received your form for leasing the domain name, we will check the availability of the domain name and send you an invoice with the contract of lease.


Can I lease or rent a domain name?

Certainly. You can lease our domain names for a short or long period of time. Depending on the lease duration, you may be given priority to buy over the domain name.



Transaction Procedure

What is Instant Acquisition?

Instant Acquisition is a transaction method on Names For Marketing. We list selected domain names for fixed prices on Instant Acquisition. Upon paying for the domain name, we will release the account information where the domain is.

You can then login to the registrar. To complete the ownership transfer of the domain name, you have to update the domain name contact information. Once that is done, you can use your new web address for marketing.

Why use escrow for domain name transactions?

Using escrow enables the transaction to be safe from fraud, as a reliable third-party would act as an intermediary between the buyer and seller.

It is our policy to use Escrow service for domain name transactions above US$149 (or S$190).

How is the escrow fee charged?

Names For Marketing will bear the escrow fee for transactions amounting between US$150 and US$5,000. The escrow fee paid by us applies only to these two escrow services: MiniEscrow.com and Escrow.com.

Escrow fees for transactions above US$5,000 can be dealt with by these escrow services: Escrow.com, Sedo (domain escrow) and Moniker. The fee will be split equally between you and Names For Marketing.

Exceptions: There is no need to use escrow service for transaction made face-to-face, through Instant Buy or through GoDaddy Auction/Premium Listing.

Why pay membership fees for buying through GoDaddy Premium Listing?

GoDaddy charges a one-time fee of US$4.99 for GoDaddy TDNAM membership, when you buy a domain name through GoDaddy TDNAM. This fee gives you the perk of receiving the domain name almost instantly.